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Approche 4th Edition

Approche 4th Edition

Galerie Eric Mouchet is pleased to announce its participation to A PPR OC HE, a salon devoted to the experimentation of the photographic medium, with Repetition Books, May 26-30 2021


Ken Matsubara’s works attempt to explore the possibility of melting memories that reside deep within consciousness and integrates them into everyday objects. His works are composed of photographs, recollective videos and ancient objects which also embody memories.

He is convinced that motion images have the ability to call forth and express the fluctuating manner of recollective properties, he therefore assumed that memories are genetically inherent in our DNA and that they contain a vast knowledge from the past. In addition, they share a collective memory that goes beyond the individual and interpenetrates between the past and the current era. If we can recollect such memories, Ken Matsubara thinks that there is a potential for our future to go beyond the boundaries of cultural, historical and social notions of individuality. We thus oscillate between the past and the future in a state of repetition, constantly in search of a means without an end. Repetition Books, for a ppr oc he, will enable visitors to discover the work of this artist who creates with photography, objects and memories.


Ken Matsubara’s work has been the subject of numerous solo andgroup exhibitions throughout the world, and is part of various public collections such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo), the Maison du Livre de l’Image et du Son, La Bibliothèque de Villeurbanne (Lyon), the Polaroid Corporation of Japan (Tokyo).

Following on from Hou Chou, his first solo show at the Galerie Eric Mouchet in 2016 and in France, Repetition Books is a preview of his second solo show at the gallery in the spring of 2021.