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Matthieu Boucherit, vue d'exposition Jardinons les Possibles, Grandes Serres, Nuit Blanche, Pantin, 2019

Matthieu Boucherit

Born in 1986 in Cholet, lives and works in Paris. For several years now, Matthieu Boucherit has been developing a series of visual strategies which aim to deconstruct our intimate relationship with images. ...

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Kendell Geers, Self-portrait (Fragments d’un discours amoureux), 1995

Kendell Geers

Kendell Geers develops a polymorphic work where objects, installations, recent video works reusing existing films, appear inseparable from his critical texts or his performances. One of the first ones consisted in changing his date of birth into « May 68 ». ...

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Ella Bergmann-Michel, sans titre (b-205)

Ella Bergmann-Michel

Ella Bergmann-Michel (1896-1971) is a major German abstract artist, photographer and documentary filmmaker. She is renowned for her creations at the crossroads of many European artistic movements, from constructivism to surrealism, including the Dada movement. By using wood, metal and any other obscure material Bergmann-Michel would...

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Ulrike Ottinger

After starting out as a painter, curator, and publisher in the sixties, Ulrike Ottinger (born in 1942 in Konstanz) found her artistic home in the medium of film. In her numerous projects she has developed an inimitable, unconventional imagery that seldom permits a clear separation...

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Wells Chandler

A prolific artist whose central practice is drawing - sometimes collaboratively - Wells Chandler (b. 1985, lives and works in Queens, New York) uses common materials from everyday life such as wool, resin, food paste, toys and Christmas decorations to create a body of work...

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Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier was a French-Swiss architect, designer, and painter who, along with Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, and Mies van der Rohe, is considered one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. Credited with pioneering the Modernist architecture, Le Corbusier popularized open-floor style...

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Eikoh Hosoe

Eikoh Hosoe was born in 1933 in Yonezawa, Yamagata. He is a Japanese photographer and filmmaker who emerged in the experimental arts movement of post-World War II Japan. He is known for his psychologically charged images, often exploring subjects such as death, erotic obsession, and...

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Ken Matsubara

Ken Matsubara born 1949 in Tokyo, Japan. He lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Ken Matsubara is a Japanese artist who primarily works with video art. Using photos, movies, objects and collages, Matsubara’s work addresses memories and histories to which we can all relate, regardless...

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Hudinilson Jr.

Hudinilson Jr (1957-2013) was one of the most important Brazilian artists of his generation, influencing the entire Brazilian artistic scene, not only through his personal work - produced between the 70s and 2000s - but also because of his active role as a catalyzing personality...

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